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Shit Horse
"They Shit Horses, Don’t They?" Cassette EP/DD ODE-08

Release Date: 06|08|10

Shit Horse

They Shit Horses, Don’t They? begins strangely enough with a snippet of what sounds like a choir, which just as quickly cuts off into a ghostly, reverb drenched guitar pattern. A few more seconds,

and a group of deep and high voices repeatedly intones a chant of “I wish you twelve horses when you die”. But nothing prepares you for the :50 second mark, when the drums kick in and singer Danny Magic croons over the chant “I wish You...Twelve Horses….When you Die!!!”. His vocals

are intense and his vocal chords seem to be shredding—or at least shredding the microphone. But far from merely screaming, this is a man who can sing. One minute in, and Shit Horse has already identified themselves as a wholly unique group.

Re-issue w/ bonus tracks on LP/CD coming in 2013!

Free MP3 - "Don't Smell Too Good (But It Keeps Me From Burning)"

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10-31-12 The Cellar - Chapel Hill , NC
Shit Horse