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Tamil Nadu is getting ready for rain again after a little break. This time, it’s because of a special kind of weather called a low-pressure area that is expected to show up by Tuesday. This weather thing might bring lots of rain to certain places until November 15. This is good news for places in north Tamil Nadu, and it might also help make up for not having enough rain so far.

Rain News for Places Near the Sea

The weather experts have said that some places near the sea, like Chengalpattu, Kancheepuram, Cuddalore, and Villupuram, might get really heavy rain (up to 20.4 cm) on Tuesday. Even in Chennai, the experts think there will be some rain, but not too much.

Rainy Outlook for North and Middle Parts of Tamil Nadu

Fifteen districts in north and middle parts of Tamil Nadu, including Chennai, Vellore, Ariyalur, and some other districts, might get a lot of rain. On Wednesday, some places in Chennai and near Vellore might get quite a bit of rain too. After that, the heavy rain might move to places more inside Tamil Nadu by Thursday.

Weather Expert Talk: Two Special Weather Things

A special weather expert, Mr. S. Balachandran, told us that two weather things will make the rain happen. One is a kind of turning air in the South Andaman Sea, and it might make a low-pressure area in the southeast Bay of Bengal by Tuesday. Then, this might become a bit stronger and turn into a depression in the west-central Bay of Bengal around Thursday.

There’s another turning air thing in the southwest Bay of Bengal that experts are watching too. Right now, they think the low-pressure area that might form could become a depression, but we’ll see.

Recent Rain and Not Enough So Far

On Monday, some places in Chennai, Thanjavur, Nagapattinam, and Karaikal got a little bit of rain. Even though it rained a bit, Tamil Nadu still didn’t get as much rain as usual. The weather experts say there’s a 17% difference compared to the usual amount of rain since October 1.

Wrapping Up: Waiting for Good Rain

So, Tamil Nadu is getting ready for rain again. The special weather things might bring lots of rain, and this is good for places that need more rain. People and the folks in charge are paying attention to what the experts say to be ready for the rainy days.

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