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The International 10: Topson's Epic Performance

The International 10 (TI10) a thrilling event where two-time Dota 2 champions OG met a tough test against Quincy Crew in a lower bracket elimination match. The attention, however, all on Topson, OG’s star midlaner. His amazing plays not only turned the tide against Quincy Crew, but they also kept OG’s hopes alive for a historic three-peat. Let’s get into the exciting details of Topson’s spectacular plays in games one and two.

The International 10: Game One: Topson’s Ghost Show in the Void

Even though OG got off to a rough start against Quincy Crew, Topson’s midlane Void Spirit was a masterclass in both individual skill and strategy brilliance. With strong efforts from YawaR’s Monkey King and Quinn’s Kunkka, Quincy Crew took a big lead. But Topson’s Void Spirit held its own, making smart solo moves and dive moves that were hard for Quincy Crew to stop.

The International 10: A Closer Look at Topson’s Important Plays

Solo Ganks and Calculated Dives: Topson’s Void Spirit showed off a wide range of individual skills by making important solo plays that kept OG in the game and set the stage for an amazing return.

brave Baiting: Topson’s brave actions put the Quincy Crew in bad positions, which opened the door for OG in important team fights.

The last move of the game was Topson’s Void Spirit, which did an amazing 20/3/4 KDA and 45,800 damage, showing how important he was in OG’s victory in game one.

Game Two: The Dawnbreaker Who Can’t Be Stopped

Topson’s midlane Dawnbreaker was the star of the second match, which picked up where the first game left off. Topson’s Dawnbreaker controlled the early game, getting 73 last hits in the first eight minutes, which is a lot. With important weapons like the Assault Cuirass and the Heaven’s Halberd, Topson became unbeatable on the battlefield.

A Closer Look at Topson’s Important Plays

Dawnbreaker’s Domination: Topson’s Dawnbreaker showed unmatched dominance when equipped with essential items, giving OG a huge edge.

Perfect Timing: Topson’s perfect timing with Dawnbreaker’s Solar Guardian ultimate changed the game, stopping the Quincy Crew’s final team fight and securing OG’s win.

Topson finished game two with an amazing 11/2/19 KDA, which made it official that he is OG’s hero midlaner.

The International 10: Feelings After the Game:

After the heated battle, there was a touching moment when Yawar Hassan from Quincy Crew left a heartfelt message for his brother SumaiL. This showed how kind and supportive the Dota 2 community is.

The next challenge is to deal with team spirit.

As TI10 continues, OG is getting ready for a tough match against the rising Team Spirit in the next lower group match on October 15 at 3:00 a.m. GMT+8. People are getting more and more excited as OG tries to make history with a third Aegis of the Immortal.

In conclusion:

The amazing Holyslots88 Void Spirit plays. Also unmatched Dawnbreaker dominance by Topson have not only helped OG move forward in TI10. But they have also left the Dota 2 community eagerly expecting the next exciting chapter in OG’s quest for glory. The stage is set for an epic battle against Team Spirit. As OG begins their quest for a historic third straight title.

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